Much of my leisure time over the years has been spent merrily making and improving the sorts of websites and software utilities you see on this page. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these projects, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Sites around the web

The design I’ve created for this very website is freely available for download (GPL). If you like it, do fetch and try it out! For more ideas and creative inspiration, you can poke around site’s source or take a look look at what other folk have done with it:

Edward L. Kerlin Michael Fogleman Brady J. Garvin Jan Rodriguez Parkitna
Doğan Can Joan Llobera Devin O’Connor Mandar Gokhale
Paul Salisbury Giovanni Ravazzani Niny Z. Rao
Courtney Chandler Handball Vicomtais Pietro Marchetta Michel Castagné
João de Carvalho You can has DNS St. Petersburg Tours Mayur Pawashe
Jens Dieskau Jaemin Han Dennis Prangle Steph Winchester

Simple software utilities

The following tools were originally created to solve simple problems I stumbled across. I am releasing their code in the hope that they will be helpful to you too.